Why Should You Visit SIAMAP ?

SIAMAP meets all your needs: whether you own a small or a large farm; whether you are a farmer, breeder or producer; whether you are Tunisian or coming from abroad!

           SIAMAP in 2017, it was 520 companies from 36 countries

It is a show for all types of farming, regardless of the size of the farm and the type of farming. SIAMAP has become, edition after the other, a major international meeting. As evidence of its dynamism and its international exposure abroad, the 13th edition of the show was marked by the significant increase in the international presence with:

  •   + than 23 % international exhibitors vs 2015
  •    New pavilions for Turkey and Africa and Qatar
  •   New companies coming from de l’Africa ,Turkey , l’Italie, l’Egypte , Pays Bas and l’Allemagne , Qatar ……
  • • The significant increase of the exhibition area of Italy, Netherlands, of Russie ,  of l’ États-Unis and  of France…

           SIAMAP an exhaustive supply side

Find in one place the supply side of agriculture and livestock!

And all the following fields:

          SIAMAP, the show of the TUNISIAN bovine genetics

Are you looking to invest, set up a livestock farm or be more economically viable? SIAMAP meets your needs.

  • The best companies producing and selling cattle genetics: living animals, semences, embryos, services, etc. A wide-range presence of all breeds: 240 dairy and meet cattles on display, 200 breeders and handlers fromTunisia.
  • Genetic presentations on animals ringside.
  • Open shows animated by world- renowned international evaluators
  • Sales auctions with breeders from all over Tunisia.