SIAMAP 2017 Assessment

The last edition of SIAMAP was held from October 31st to November 5th 2017. Discover some key figures and spotlights on Visitors, Exhibitors, Events and Media

Key Figures of Visitors of SIAMAP 2017

Professional Entries
from Worldwide
International Delegations

SIAMAP 2017 Exhibitors

520 Companies
36 Participating Countries

And all the following fields :


Components, parts and accessories, embedded electronics

Tillage, snowing, planting

Plant protection Post harvest



Apres récolte

Equipement for tropicam corps

Handlin, transport, storage and buildings

Sustainable development, renewable energies

Milking and dairy equipment

Specific equipment for green spaces and forestry equipment

Sustainable development, renewable energies

IT management, softwares

Institutional, services, counselling

Not to Mention SIAMAP Livestock Breeding

240 Breeders
240 animals of 8 breeds : Angus cattle, Charolais cattle, Holstein Friesian cattle, Limousin cattle, Montbéliarde…
Auction sales : genomic overview, demonstration….

The Programme during SIAMAP 2017

Thematic illustration: I am proud to be a farmer

2 highlights :

The gallery Innovation First

Start-up B2B

The Media Coverage of SIAMAP 2017

+ than 140 reporters including 74% from Tunisia and 26% coming from worldwide
A great evolution of media- television coverage (x3 compared to 2015, 30 passages on 12 channels!)