Our stand offers

Please choose the stand tailored to your needs!

Indoor stands

The interior minimal surface of stands covers 9 m²..

Bare area : freedom and creativity !

In the middle of your site strategy, your stand is the standard-bearer of your communication with customers. Choose a bare surface to be adjusted based on your perception for an optimized, tailor-made and brand-loyal stand.

The offerings includes :

Ground sensing of your surface.
A stand signage showing your stand number.

Outdoor stands

The exterior minimal surface of stands covers 25 m².

For the design of your outdoor area please contact :

Our sales team is at your service to advise you to choose a design for your stand

par m²
Outdoor Stand
38 €
From 25 m2
Bare Ground
Located Outside the Halls Open sapce

General Rules

par m²
Bare Stand
100 €
From 54 m2
No Electrical Connection
Without equipment (modular walls,…).

General Rules

par m²
Equipped stand
120 €
From 9 m2
Facade headband
1 spot per 3m2 + power plug (400 w)
1 spot par 3m2 + une prise de courant (400 w)

General Rules