International visitors

Do you come from a foreign country ?

(out of TUNISIA) and do you want to visit SIAMAP in September 2019?
Enjoy a privileged accompaniment and feel free to contact SIAMAP office.

Do you need a VISA ?

Starting from September 2018, you can get a letter of invitation from SIAMAP. This letter will assist you in applying for your VISA: submit it to the Tunisian embassy or consulate at your country.
You can also obtain this letter when signing-up online as a visitor
Please note that the embassy or consulate is the only authority to decide whether or not to grant you a visa is the only contact point to answer any further questions you may have.


The invitation letter DOES NOT ALLOW YOU to enter SIAMAP. It is simply a document which would help you get the VISA from the TUNISIAN embassy/ consulate.